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This interactive art event will start by pairing artists with local businesses.  Together, they will collaborate and create a temporary installation in their window display.  Event-goers will be able to view, photograph, and enjoy these collaborative art installations.  Event-goers, business owners, and artists alike will walk away with a sense of community and connection after this experience. 



The purpose of this event is to create an interactive art experience that will move participants through downtown Kalispell, allowing them to connect with art and community in a new way while learning more about the history of the city and the artists.



Businesses throughout Kalispell will be invited to sign up to work with an artist and artists will be invited to sign up to be paired with a business. Signup by contacting Jemina (phone and email provided below.)  Through a lottery system, business owners and artists will be paired. Once business owners and artists are doubled up, the two will create a time to connect to learn more about each other. The business owner will share their history of being in business and the artist will share their story as an artist. When the business owner and the artist know more about each other they will work together to design an eye-catching installation that invites participants to walk up to the outside of the business to view, enjoy, and photograph the work of art.


A map of all the participating businesses will be made and distributed. (Thanks, Instyprints! Our first sponsor!) The map will include a short history of the business, a short biography of the artist, and a summary of their collaboration. 


Interactive Component

During the week that the installations are open, participants will be invited to visit all or some of the participating businesses, photograph the installation, and submit their photographs to Kalico who will then share with the community through our window display.



August 21 - Call to business and artists is made via email and social media

September 2 - Pairings between businesses and artists are made

September 4 - Pairings are confirmed and in agreement with artists, businesses and the organizers

September 4-25 - Artists and businesses collaborate

September 18 - Business and artist bio and collaboration description due

September 23 - Map is finalized and printed

October 2 - Launch Date



We are inviting all businesses within the downtown core to participate.


Be a Sponsor

We are looking for sponsors, inside or outside of the downtown core, to help participating artists and businesses with their installation expenses.  Think of labor, time, and material.  All sponsors will have a place on the maps that will be distributed as well as a highlight on our website.  Sponsors will be seen by the community as an organization that values arts, culture, and people.

Sponsorship packages:

For $325 you and your business will sponsor signage, website, and promotional materials.

For $1,000 you and your business fund artist materials and supplies.

We appreciate your generosity and support in helping cultivate a healthy and vibrant downtown. Contact information provided below.



Signup to participate or be a sponsor by contacting
Jemina W - Event Organizer


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