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Retirement Announcement Pam Carbonari

After nearly two incredible decades of dedicated public service, Pam Carbonari will be stepping down from her role with the Kalispell Downtown Association and the Kalispell Business Improvement District.


Pam has been an integral part of our community since 1990, when she first took on the role of a City Council member.  After serving as a council member for eight years, taking a four-year

hiatus, and then returning for another eight years as the Mayor of Kalispell, Pam became the

driving force behind numerous initiatives that have shaped the growth and development of our community.


Under Pam's leadership, the KDA and KBID created community events, provided seasonal

downtown decorations, and collaborated with downtown businesses and community non-

profits.  Pam's dedication to the KBID and KDA showed that her service could extend beyond

the political arena. Outside of her professional work, Pam has actively participated in various

community projects, including the youth justice initiative, the Flathead Food Bank, and Women Who Wine.  Her vision, leadership, and passion for Kalispell have been instrumental in

maintaining our small-town atmosphere while navigating the challenges of growth.


We wish Pam all the best in her well-deserved retirement and look forward to her continued

involvement in community projects. We are confident that her legacy will endure, and the

principles she championed will guide Kalispell toward a prosperous and harmonious future.

We are all so grateful to Pam for her hard work and dedication to downtown Kalispell

throughout her career. To help us with this transition, we are excited to welcome Jamie Keller,

the CEO and owner of Innovative Nonprofit Solutions Group, LLC. Jamie has a strong

professional history in development and nonprofit leadership. Jamie has officially begun her

new role as of January 1, 2024, and could not possibly be more enthusiastic about her future

with the Kalispell Business Improvement District and Kalispell Downtown Association.

Updated contact information:

Kalispell Downtown Association Kalispell Business Improvement District

P.O. Box 1997 P.O. Box 1997

Kalispell, MT 59903 Kalispell, MT 59901

(406) 201-9255

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